The Real Reason Some People Struggle to Stay in Ketosis

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Raw & Organic Greens Juice Blend - Ketogreens has the superfoods that deliver essential vitamins & nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Barley Grass juice powder, Alfalfa Grass juice powder, Kamut Grass juice powder, Oat Grass juice powder, Wheatgrass juice powder


Optimal Keto BHB Blend - Keto Credible uses the power of ketones in BHB to increase stable energy production from stored fats. This leave you Feeling less hungry & able to gain control over cravings easier.

Calcium Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Sodium Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Magnesium Betahydroxybutyrate, Potassium citrate (yield 5g free BHB)

Enzyme Blend - Digestive ezymes are essential due to difficult to digest proteins and sugars in our diets. Our enzyme blend ensures that every piece of food you eat will be properly digested and you’ll get all of its nutrient benefits.

Amylase, Protease SP, Protease 2, Acid Stable Protease, Bromelain, Papain, Invertase,Maltase, Cellulase, Beta Glucanase, Captalase,Alpha Galacto Hemicellulase, Xylanase,Pectinase, Phytase, Lipase, Lactase


Whole Food Derived Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Extract Blend - We are passionate about staying healthy and this blend enhances nutritional absorption and prevents nutrient deficiencies. It was chosen for optimal clarity, vitality, and balance.

Vegetables - carrot, tomato, beet, organic spinach, broccoli, watercress, squash seed, swiss chard,sweet potato, pumpkin seed, Fruits - cranberry, tartcherry, orange, apple, blueberry, strawberry, apricot Other - shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom

Keto Greens was formulated with fat loss in mind, we asked "Why work really hard to lose fat? Why not let fat do the work for you?"

Scientists have discovered that if there is not enough carbohydrate intake in our diet to meet our bodies energetic demands, the body will adopt an alternative strategy in order to meet those needs. Specifically, the body then creates energy by converting your stored fat into fuel. This new energy source is provided through a naturally occuring compound called Ketones.

It's simple Ketones allow energy to be converted from stored fat. That means your fat is working it's self off as your energy source!

That's why Keto Green's main ingredient is Ketone salt BHB which naturally supports the production of Ketones that are responsible for burning fat. Ketone salt works by increasing blood ketone levels which provides the body and brain with a source of clean energy.

We have found trying to produce ketones without BHB can be a difficult task. You will have to essentially starve your body of all carbohydrates. This means say goodbye to rice, bread, potatoes and sugars. This change in diet tends to create withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, lethargy, and weakness. To combat these side effects you can replace the carbohydrates with ketones through supplementation.

With Keto Greens you'll start producing ketones about 20 minutes after you drink your KetoCredible Greens. You should expect a feeling of energy and clear thinking as your metabolism gently shifts into KetoCredible gear and starts burning stored fats.

- Eat a little more of the “bad food” at parties (without worrying about gaining those extra pounds.)

- Easily survive traveling (even if there’s no ”healthy” options.)

- Live without sugar cravings (even though you can indulgence without getting off track)

- Burn fat as clean usable BioEnergy (clear nasty brain fog moments)

Can be utilized with Intermittent Fasting, Ketosis, Paleo, Adkins and other diets low in carbohydrates to encourage fat the bodies reliance on fat burning while providing a satiated appetite between meals. Users also report less grogginess, fogginess and mood swings when compared to the traditional strict dietary path to processing Ketones

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep unless you eat something sweet or starchy?

Do you feel sleepy or foggy 2 hours or less after eating a meal or snack that contains sugars or starches?

Do you tend to gain weight around your middle, instead of in your hips and thighs?

Do you get irritable, restless, tense, or anxious in the early evening before dinner?

Do sweets and starches make you feel temporarily less depressed or less anxious?

Do you feel hungry when you shouldn’t need any more food?

If You answer YES to any of these...
It Might Surprise You ...
But You're Eating Too Many Carbs


5 phases of KetoGreens

  • 01Drink 23 Superfoods - 13 Enzymes - 3 Exogenous Ketones
  • 02Feel energized and confident you have done good for your health
  • 03Enjoy mental clarity and lifting of brain fog
  • 04Experience a spike in ketone levels in as little as 30 minutes
  • 05Feel satiated and fueled while avoiding unwanted carbs and refined sugars


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  • Spike Ketone levels
  • Fuel your brain and body
  • Experience real nutrition

Are you interested in changing
the shape of your body?

Do you realize that most exercise experts will tell you …”It’s 80% nutrition that delivers results”?

Are you aware that there is a proven natural trigger that can easily be pulled to tell the body to specifically access fat for energy?

Like... right now, seriously. I am going to share it with you in just a moment.

At last, a scientifically proven, easy and natural solution to losing weight and gaining energy . . . and it’s not what you may think! In fact, it’s something I had never heard of until a few years ago.

Let’s face it.

Our society is fat.

And the truth is. . . we’re only getting fatter.

For most people, losing body fat is a struggle for two reasons.

One, our culture. We live in a culture that has learned to embrace convenience. Unfortunately for us, food convenience usually coincides with those plastic wrapped, pre-prepared boxes of microwavable blah, and starchy, fatty take-out food.

Two... it’s us. As good as it feels to push away all of the blame, we have to own the shape of our body and what we want it to be.

It has to do with the will power you must have to lose weight. It’s unrealistic to expect to live the life of a machine, you’re human, right?

Think about it. The sheer thought of eliminating an entire realm of food and beverages from your diet is daunting. It’s one thing to pass it up once, but how long can you keep it up? You get hungry, you have cravings.

And what about social expectations?

How often do you hear, “Come on, it’s just a piece of cake? You’ve got to have a piece its my birthday!!!”

Or, imagine you’re traveling with a friend. It’s dark, you’ve got three more hours left to drive, and you’re looking for a place to eat. But, every other mile, the only thing you see is one of those neon-bright, golden arches appearing over the trees. Your inner child wants to have a meal that makes you “happy”, remember?

We’ve all had those moments, and while we may justify it by telling ourselves it’s a one-time thing, the fact is that they happen more than we’d like.

And, if those aren’t enough, the everyday cravings are. Those cravings are enough put us well over the top in carbs, and even proteins.

So, knowing that your diet is a major reason why it’s so hard to lose weight, how can anyone be expected to go months, or years, on willpower alone?

You can’t.

Fortunately, if you understand a little bit of the science behind why you struggle to stay in shape, it’s easy to fix. . . and don’t worry, this letter isn’t about me convincing you to change your diet.

Before I show you this easy solution, it’s important to learn why these foods make losing weight and staying energized so difficult.

Let’s take a look at our western diet. . .

Carbohydrates and sugar based proteins tossed in fats and oils that are industrially manufactured and cheap -

Unfortunately, this diet is relatively new for us as a species.

Think about our ancestors, and what they ate. They were mostly vegetarians who ate some animal fats, and a few roots and minor starches.

But, the reliance of refined grains, sugars, and processed foods are inventions of the 20th century. Not to mention, fake fats – like trans fats and saturated fats.

We made these inventions as solutions to keep food prices low, and we assumed that it wouldn’t have a negative effect on our bodies.

Boy, were we wrong.

When you eat these foods, your body happily burns the carbs and sugars. However, these foods play a trick on your body. They make you think you’re still hungry – that you need more – even when you don’t. In all probability, there’s some food left over from your meal that your body isn’t burning. Well, that food gets stored as fat.


This kicks your organs into overdrive.

Your pancreas starts hyper-producing insulin, and your liver and kidneys start working overtime to process the food. This has been proven to have a hand in a variety of nutritionally induced diseases including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Not to mention, researchers believe that refined sugars actually feed and encourage CANCER.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Okay, so, what is the solution?”

Before telling you what it is, you’re going to need a bit of background information. There may be some complex, scientific terms, but trust me, there’s only a few.

For years, new ways of eating have emerged that have helped many people with their journey to lose weight, think clearer, and gain more energy.

While it’s fair and correct to call these “diets” as calories are at some point being restricted, the fact is...these are ways of eating that are physiologically causing unique responses when it comes to fat storage and release.

They are more accurately eating lifestyles.

The reason I say this is because they not only allow but require you to eat things that 30 years ago we considered unhealthy. Remember when bacon and eggs would kill you and you should eat 9 servings of grains a day?

The scientific knowledge around nutrition has grown exponentially and today evidence points to the fact that you Should eat many of the fatty foods you crave, within reason.


Have you heard of any of the or perhaps are on one of these:

  • The Atkins Diet
  • The Dukan or Gundry Diet
  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Bulletproof Diet
  • The Ketogenic Diet
  • The Intermittent Fasting Diet

KetoCredible works perfectly with all of these diets and should be used in conjunction.

People argue which of the diets is better, yet, they all seem to have overlapping proof that indicate that a low intake of carbohydrates, starches, and sugars, followed by higher intakes of proteins and fats is the NUTRITIONAL SECRET TO BURNING FAT.

See, all of these “diets” found one thing:

  • If there isn’t enough glucose to meet energy demands, the body will adopt an alternative strategy in order to meet those demands.

The body is literally starving itself, and it begins to break down stored fat to provide glucose from triglycerides. The by-product of this process: KETONES.

Did you say starve yourself?

Unfortunately, yes, . . . but don’t worry, we would never suggest that you do that.

What are KETONES?

Ketones are made in our liver, everyone has them, and you produce them when you don’t have enough insulin in your body to turn sugar (glucose) into energy. If you don’t have enough insulin, it uses this as another source to make energy.

Ketones increase fat burn, suppress appetite, reduce cravings, and increase focus and stamina.

So, for the case of these diets, it would use your stored fat.

Your liver takes your stored fat, and turns it into ketones, which is a type of acid, and sends it into your bloodstream. After that, your muscles and tissues use it for fuel.

Cool, but what’s the problem?

While the above diets do work, they can take days, even months to produce an ample amount of ketones. During that time, since you’re not making enough ketones to support energy needs, it’s common to experience extreme levels of fatigue, brain fog, lethargy, and weakness.

In other words, the road toward feeling the benefits from these diets can be very rocky.

When I first found out about ketones, I was ecstatic. I was like a kid in a candy store, and I started to use one of the diets right away. However, not long into it, I discovered the rumors to be true. The road to feeling the ketone benefits was long and rocky.

For a while, my wife, Irina, and I tried the diets, but we always caught ourselves cheating. For my family, it was very important that we enjoyed the benefits of ketosis, as we believed it was the healthiest way to live.

So, we kept it up for a while. Irina was the one in the family that made sure we, not only got the nutrients we needed to produce more ketones, but got the nutrients we needed to reach and maintain healthy levels of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

She tried hard. She chopped vegetables for hours each week, and made healthy, green juices. But like any other family, we got busy, and so, we’d occasionally cheat with that as well.

I kept floating back to that idea about ketones, I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

So, I took action.

As an organic chemist and neurobiologist from Stanford University, I did what I do best. I took it to the lab. I knew there had to be another way to naturally experience the benefits of elevated ketone levels without starving myself, and, it turns out, there is!

It turns out, there are two different types of ketones: Endogenous and Exogenous.
Each one having the same effects on your body, they:


Both types of ketones:

  • Increase fat burn
  • Suppress appetite and reduce cravings
  • Increase stamina and overall energy
  • Increase focus

Endogenous ketones are the ones produced by your liver, in the body. They are the type you get from those diets – the type that takes days, weeks, or even months to start regularly producing.

Exogenous ketones are produced outside of the body. They’re extracted from certain foods and turned into salt. However, the levels and types of food you’d have to consume. . . well, they’re not very satisfactory.

So, I thought about it. What if there was an easier way to consume the foods you needed to consume in order to get the desired levels of ketones, what if there were a natural supplement?

Then, I thought of taking it one more step.

What if there was a natural supplement that, not only raised ketone levels, but provided your body with all the other essential nutrients your body needs every day such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and greens.

Now, I want to be clear.


There are other exogenous ketone products out there, and you might be able to find a multivitamin and mineral suitable for ketosis.

You could also probably find an effective digestive enzyme blend, and even add a blend of greens to make sure you’re nourishing your body.

You could probably find all those, and mix and match them together, but who has time for that? Not to mention, it’d cost you a small fortune.

Irina and I sure didn’t want to Frankenstein something together like that. We wanted one, simple, easy, affordable, go-to supplement that we could take daily. We wanted a supplement that would give us everything we needed to keep as healthy as possible.

I can assure you, we didn’t piece our formula together with a bunch of products. We didn’t do this, because we didn’t have to. As a scientist, I have the benefit of understanding how ketones, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals all work together. So, we made our own!

We researched, studied, and tested, and then one day, BOOM, we had it. We unlocked the ingredients and exact dosages to make the perfect supplement!

Now, that was only the beginning. We enjoyed our supplement, felt the benefits of using it, and gave it to family and friends to try out too. Everybody loved it, but we knew it was something bigger than friends and family.

Okay, so there is one thing I had left out. One element that changes the potential for our production. You see, my family owns a world-class nutritional supplement manufacturing facility in Utah.

The idea behind creating this ketone supplement was that once we perfected it, we’d have a way of getting it to other people that can benefit from it. . . to you!

So, not only do we make our own product, it’s produced professionally and efficiently to ensure safety and cheap prices.

As everything gained momentum, more and more people began asking for this Keto Insurance plan…

So, that’s exactly what we created.

Before we get into the details of the ingredients, there are some things I’d like to mention.

First, one serving of Keto Greens is only 40 calories. That’s a lot of goodness packed into just 40 calories.

Second, there’s zero sugar, and only 1 net carb.

Third, there’s a sufficient amount of calcium, sodium, and magnesium to support your electrolyte balance. Not to mention, a whole slew of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, C, D, E, and K1).

Vitamin A is great for your teeth, bones, and skin.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that promotes healing.
Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium (which is especially important for prolonged periods of ketosis). And, it also helps regulate electrolytes.
Vitamin E is another antioxidant that helps you form red blood cells. It’s also needed for absorption of Vitamin K1.
Vitamin K1 helps clot your blood and protect your heart.

And, together, the B vitamins:

  • Support the production of cellular energy from food.
  • Support cardiovascular health.
  • Metabolize amino acids and glycogen (helping you get ketosis faster).
  • Support fat metabolism (so you can burn fat efficiently while in ketosis).
  • And more.

As you can see, aside from its ketone, weightless capabilities, Keto Greens is an absolute vitamin powerhouse.

Curious about where the vitamins come from?

Keto Insurance Booster #1: Whole Food Derived Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Extract Blend

Keto Greens includes a blend of 13 whole food fruits and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beats, shiitake mushrooms, apples, cranberries, cherries, oranges, blueberries, and strawberries.

What an amazing source of vitamins and other nutrients!

While other companies pass off synthetic vitamins as the real thing, ours are derived exclusively from real, whole foods.

We only extract the nutrient-dense puree, meaning, all of the nutrients, with virtually none of the carbs or calories!

And Keto Greens has all of your super nutrients too. . .


Keto Insurance Booster #2 – Greens Blend Whole Food Derived Fruit and Vegetable Nutrient Extract Blend

When Irina was helping formulate Keto Greens, she was very specific in what had to be included in the product. Here’s some of the powerful ingredients she’s made sure are inside each scoop.

  • Wheatgrass Juice Powder:Wheatgrass Juice is an amazing form of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been proven to slow the aging process, and it is an effective healer.
  • Barley Grass Juice Powder: Barley Grass is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals that age us prematurely.
  • Spinach powder: Spinach promotes healthy bones, teeth, and hair.
  • Cinnamon Bark: Cinnamon bark helps with upset stomachs. (Some people experience mild stomach aches with exogenous ketones – this stops that in their tracks.)

And here’s how we make sure you’re going to effectively digest your food. . .


Keto Insurance Booster #3 – Enzyme Blend

Inside every scoop of Keto Greens, there’s a whopping 18 digestive enzymes.

There are enzymes specifically for helping you digest protein, fat, carbs, and even dairy (in case heavy cream or hard cheese is a little rough on your stomach.)

This proprietary blend ensures that every piece of food you eat – whether it’s keto or not – will be properly digested, giving you all its nutrient goodness.

Last, but certainly not least, the star of the show, THE SECRET INGREDIENT TO BURNING FAT AND INCREASING ENERGY. . .


The exogenous ketones in Keto Greens come from 3 different types of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB): Calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB.

BHB is the primary form of ketones in your body- they are naturally produced when you are in nutritional ketosis.

In Keto Greens, we also use calcium, sodium, and magnesium salts. Not only does this enhance the flavor, it also provides your body with the electrolytes it needs to keep it from getting the headaches and cramps that some people get in switching their diets.

So, there you have it. . .

Vitamins, minerals, dried greens, real fruits, real vegetables, and exogenous ketones mixed conveniently together inside every scoop of Keto Greens.

Are you starting to see why Irina and I call it our Keto Insurance Plan?

We simply take 1 scoop in the morning and we know we’re covered for the rest of the day … even if we slip off our eating plan. Even if we eat too much protein or carbs … and even if we just can’t eat enough fat that day.

Just 60 seconds in the morning and we have nutritional peace of mind.

And now you can too.

For a limited time, you’ll get twenty servings of Keto Greens for only $66.00. That miracle supplement, the one that everyone’s been asking about – the one that’ll open and clear your mind, burn fat, and fuel you with more energy – it’s here, and it’s only $3.33 a scoop! Just one scoop will raise your ketone levels in less than 30 minutes!

Not only that, but you’ll experience a continued growth of benefits. The more you take it, the better you’ll feel, the healthier you’ll be, the stronger you’ll grow, and the thinner you’ll become.

I invite you to join us in this simple way to ensure health and create ketones on demand.

Just 60 seconds in the morning, and your there. No more worrying about rigid diet plans, or spending money on vitamins that you don’t really know whether they’re working or not.

Keto Greens works, you’ll feel it with your first scoop!

We don’t stop there.


We offer all kinds of nutritional tools that help you feel better and become better. We make our products utilizing the best and most scientifically modern tools and information available.

We test all our products, test them again, and test them once more before releasing them to you.

We do this for two reasons: One, we want to make sure your getting the very best. Two, we love how much better we feel taking them.

Then, you get to work. You’re happy, you beat the bagel test, or so you thought. You walk into the office and see an employee enjoying that bagel that you were dreaming about. What TORTURE!

And then there’s tomorrow. Will you get one tomorrow, or the day after that, or after that?

I don’t mean to scare you…

However, I’ve been down that road. I’ve felt the constant tiresome, nagging hunger in the pit of my stomach, and I realized that no one should have to feel that way.

There are smarter, more effective, ways of reaching the healthier you, thinner you, and they don’t require the downsides of just sticking to willpower alone.

If you’ve already tried those diets, and you’re looking for something a little less excruciating, Keto Greens is for you! And, if you haven’t tried one of those diets yet, but are thinking about it, this is a way for you to bypass all the negative side effect of transitioning.

The time of worrying and stressing about dieting is over. You’ll be able to indulge in a little more junk food without it taking a toll on your body.

This is how you get the results of those diets, without the pain and frustration.

This is the all-natural supplement of the future. This isn’t just weight loss this is a whole new way of getting your body to use FAT as energy.

And trust me when I tell you, getting healthy and staying healthy doesn’t have to be so complicated. As long as you have an Insurance plan that is giving you the right support for those “REAL LIFE MOMENTS”

  • - Eat a little more of the “bad food” at parties (without worrying about getting bumped out of ketosis.)
  • - Easily survive traveling (even if there’s no way you can stay producing ketones.)
  • Live without sugar cravings (though you’ll have the flexibility to eat some sugar if you want to.)

If you are Ready to have the power of Ketones flowing in your body giving you clear thriving energy all day?

Come Join us on this Keto Insurance Plan and get your KetoGreen delivered right to your door…

Just tell me where to send it…


Soon you’ll have access to your very own ketones, Just dissolve a scoop in a glass of water, stir and enjoy. The initial effects of the experience of this nutritious green juice are a feeling that your brain is now functioning (instead of the 500 calorie triple latte) and your hunger is suppressed for hours.

Have your very first powerful supply delivered to you today…



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